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Jockey Silks

MARCH 27, 2014

Until we were in need of jockey silks, I hadn’t noticed what a design project they were going to be.  I have been to hundreds of horse races but never paid much attention to what the jockey was wearing. The next time you watch a race, take a good look.  Some of them are works of art. The stable and horse owners are easily identified by the unique design of their silks, that is, if you have a photographic memory.   After a few weekends at the races, I have been able to commit about ten of the thousands to memory.

Lucky for me there is a program out there in the webiverse called SilkSelector available for free use on the websites of the companies who make jockey silks.  If you are a big spender, you can purchase an app for your Iphone provided you are willing to part with 99 cents.  The program let me play around with colors and patterns. The possibilities are endless, so the process can be quite time consuming but extremely fun.  Since our logo contains the queen of hearts I wanted to capture some of the colors or symbols from the playing card and came up with way too many choices.  I also wanted to put a D in the design, of course, for Desperado Racing, but also for Davis.  At some point about a week into the whole thing, I decided I better get an order placed or our recently claimed horse would be racing with a shirtless jockey.

With a bit of feedback but mostly by using my ability to make an executive decision without fear of the certain future critique when our fans couldn’t spot our horse on the backstretch,  I decided on this design and submitted it for quote to a couple of silks makers that we found listed in the back of the Blood-Horse magazine.

Desperado Racing Jockey Silks

The price quotes were back fairly quickly and after I picked myself up off the floor, I continued to procrastinate thinking there was surely a more economical option.  After paying race horse bills for quite a while now, this price tag should have seemed inexpensive. It was when I convinced myself that we were purchasing a handcrafted piece of artwork, that I was able to hit SEND on the order to Victory Silks.

Rose Sanders from Victory Silks was kind enough to send me photos of the work in progress when I asked, and this special garment was indeed being handmade to our specifications!

sewing Desperado Racing's silks

It is difficult to tell from the photos, but Rose’s work is exceptional.  Such meticulous work requires a skill level that is uncommon, and from the high quality workmanship it is clear that Rose is an expert seamstress.   After receiving the photos, I was even more eager for this delivery to arrive.

work in progress jockey silks

When the package was delivered today, I couldn’t get it out of the envelope fast enough, and yes, I tried it on!  There was nothing I wanted more than a selfie in the jockey silks, but of course it was way too tight and looked hideous on me! Until our next race when we have a jockey to model it, this is the best I can do!

Desperado Racing silks

The package also included a Safe Trip token to keep in my pocket to remind me that these nice folks are thinking of us!

safe trip token