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Avery Glenn at Elloree Training Center

February 16,2014

On Saturday I visited Elloree Training Center in South Carolina where Avery Glenn is training.  I was able to talk with Frank Smith, owner and trainer at the Center, about his progress, the possibilities for his future, horse racing and life in general.  Frank’s career as a horseman and passion for the sport leave him with an endless supply of stories to tell!

Avery Glenn is growing and learning to be a racehorse and is right on target.  I watched him run the track in Elloree with another horse at his side.  He was easy to manage on and off the track.  He was fuzzy with winter fur and is a bit dirty in the photos from the slop on track.  Frank assured me that I would not recognize him the next time I see him after he loses his winter coat and grows even more.


Since we are very hopeful that Avery Glenn will be able to race as a two year old, I was excited when Frank reminded me that AG’s daddy was a Breeder’s Cup champion at two and he has every reason to believe that AG will run as a two year old.  He predicted that Avery Glenn will grow to 16.1-16.2 hands and looks like he will be able to manage a two turn race in addition to the sprints that his sire was known for.

Avery Glenn’s sire is Midshipman.  AG is one of is first crop of foals, making him an extra exciting opportunity for us.  If this crop of colts and fillies sired by Midshipman race well as two years olds, prices on Midshipmen foals will increase dramatically.  AG’s sale price was well below that of his half-siblings, so I feel very fortunate to have a horse like AG with his pedigree at the price we paid.  Frank did not fail to make this point, as well, and mentioned that he likes getting into the yearlings with unproven sires while the prices are “reasonable.”

I am now on my way to New Orleans (because Louisiana is conveniently located near SC–haha!), where Follow the Kitten (filly in which we own a small share) will be running on Monday afternoon.  Wish us luck!  If you want to watch that race, let me know, and I will send you some ways to see it.