First Crop Sire Watch: MIDSHIPMAN

July 12, 2014

I have sought out all the Midshipman-sired two year olds and assembled them in my Equibase Virtual Stable, so I can track their progress. I have 58 of the reported 71 on my list, so far.  I am pretty sure the only person who is more serious about Midshipman-sired race horses than me is the person at Darley America whose job it is to maintain their database of horse statistics. The list as it exists today is included below.

The workout notices are arriving steadily now with the occasionally entry popping up, too.  I am enthusiastically looking forward to watching this group over the next year and comparing their successes to that of Avery Glenn, as well as the crops produced by the other 2014 freshman sires. I’ll try not to talk about it, unless you ask!

All Star Bub Slate Mills
Avast Speak Up Sailor
Avery Glenn Sunny Yellow
Batten Down Belle Super Serene
Big Bad Max Tea With the Queen
Big Big Easy Thread of Life
Boat Drinks Tigerlein
Call Me Ishmael Two Six Wins
Dea Uribo
Doyouhearwhoihear Vandalize
Ensign Eli Wealthy Shipman
Frammento Whoop Ti Do
Happy Wish Yakov
Her Majesty’s Flag Yankee Jake
I Dream of Candy Yiannis
Jacques Cartier Unnamed filly out of Aspen Whisper
Lady Shipman Unnamed filly out of Storm Front
Making Sure Unnamed colt out of Inspirational
Midterm Exam Unnamed colt out of Yam
Naval Command Unnamed colt out of Home Run Kiss
Navy Blue Unnamed colt out of Honey Harbour
Nieta Unnamed colt out of Stake
Prayers and Angels Unnamed colt out of Hopes and Fears
Princess Jasmine Unnamed colt out of Noontime Angel
Purple Heaven Unnamed colt out of Ghostly Fast
Redbeard Unnamed colt out of Bon Caro
Sailthehighseas Unnamed colt out of Joined Forces
Ships Crown Unnamed filly our of Mattie Cakes
Sixtyfivenorth Unnamed colt out of Pinafore Lady