Breeders’ Cup 2013 Tickets

With the slip in hand that the postman left on my door yesterday, I all but skipped into the post office today to pick up the certified mail  that was my Breeders’ Cup tickets.  I never imagined the envelope would  be thick.  When the mail lady handed it to me, I got even more excited.  I was planning to grab a quick to go lunch and take it back to work,  but I immediately changed my plan.  I wanted to go sit down for lunch  and go through the contents of this envelope.

I walked over to a local favorite of mine, Yats, around the corner from the post office. I impatiently placed and received my order anxious to sit down to open the envelope. The packaging and tickets  were magnificent.  I pulled them out one by one to look them over and  browsed the event brochure as I ate my lunch.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t  done carefully enough because somehow a little etouffee ended up on the  ticket folder–I must have gotten a little crazy in my enthusiasm!


I expect the magnificence of these tickets is only a preview of how spectacular this event will be!

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