You can go to the racetrack and bet a name. With only a little bit of effort you could learn something and feel much more informed about your bets. Study hard and pay attention and a day at the races might even become lucrative. But if you’re only going to the racetrack to make money, you should spend your time studying stocks instead. The real reason horse racing beckons so many people is the excitement coupled with the opportunity for return. There is nothing like the harmonious interaction of equine and human to create heart-pounding adrenaline from their pure power as they thunder down the stretch.

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Now imagine having a vested interest in a horse, or two. The excitement grows exponentially. Maybe you enjoy going to football games. Now picture going to that same game when your child is on the field. You yell louder and jump higher than anyone else. The same thing can happen at the race track. You have watched the horse mature, learn and prepare just like your own child, perhaps even in person. You have a different level of excitement on race day. This isn’t just another horse you think might win, it’s your horse.